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"Lord, please keep your arms around my shoulders
and your hands over my mouth."

 Please be patient with me, I am just learnin' this new fangled
stuff and don't have a rope on it yet but I will add more
to this site as I learn and with your help. In the mean time,
sure would like to hear from any of you horse people out
there or horse people wanna bees. Please feel free to e-mail
me if ya have any good horse stories that you would like to
share, or join us in our chat room by clicking on the
campfire chatroom listed some where around here, (oops,
no chat room yet). Looks like that's about it for now, but
come back often, I'll be updatin' this site often and would
love to hear from ya. Sure hope you enjoyed your "ride"
thru the Campgrounds of Trailhoss.


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