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Castlebrook Stable is located in southwestern Ohio
near Franklin, Ohio and is owned by Emmit Lawson
and family. Now, if your lookin' for a big fancy
place with heated indoor swimming pools and such,
this is not the place for you. If your lookin' for
good folks, beautiful bridle trails along the Miami
River, people who love and care for their horses,
and reasonable rates then this is where you
want to be. Now if ya got it in your mind that
you would like to breed your mare and get a real
pretty, sweet dispositioned gaited foal, there are
several stalllions at Castlebrook and all produce
fine foals. If ya feel that you or your horse needs
a little more training, you can get lessons for both
of you there also. There is always some trading or
selling going on between the owners and boarders and
neighbors and friends, so you might as well check in
every once in a while and see if they just might have
that exact dream horse ya been lookin' for. For
maps on how to get to Castlebrook Stables and how
to contact them just click here.