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From: (margies)
Date: Sun, Mar 12, 2000, 1:01pm
Subject: those hocks
I have agree except that the THWBEA rule book also
does not allow for hock action - I believe it is allowed
in Hackneys and Saddlebreds. Both RHBAA and
THWBEA rule books disclaim hock action. The rest of
your description is good.

From: (Chuck & Sherry Hartley)
Date: Sat, Apr 22, 2000, 11:15am (EDT-1)
Subject: Re: horses of course!
Hi Brenda, Wow, what a great site! Thank you so much for
using some of our graphics and for exchanging links with us.
I have added your site to our links page here:
I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful horses ~ I have
always been partial to a good Racking horse, and you sure
have some good ones on your site. I was so touched by the
pictures and pages about your sweet grandson. It must be
very difficult for you and I am so sorry for your loss.
Thanks again and take care .....
Dear Trailhoss...
I have just come from your page... I laughed, I cheered, I cried a little too...
I have attached a little gift for you, from one grandmother to another..
some days you won't be able to listen to it, some days it will light another
candle in your heart. I have added your link to EQUUS International as you
requested...I have also posted it to my other horse sites... if you want to
post a reciprocal link back to them, great ... if not...well, that's ok too...
I just think that your page is a beautiful testimonial to quiet courage, and
our viewers deserve to see it... : )
Now.. about that chicken.. : )
Judy Cameron, Bansidhe Graphics